The Need


World has five years to secure victory in HIV fight
19 November 2014

The world has five years to increase access to HIV treatment and prevention to end HIV as a global health threat – and prevent the pandemic from resurging, according to the latest global HIV report released last night. Read full story

New barometer reveals the haves and the have nots
10 November 2014

Life is hardest for people living in the Eastern Cape’s Alfred Nzo district, where fewer than six out of 100 households have inside taps. Read full story

Global response to dual epidemic of TB, diabetes too slow
4 November 2014

New research has bad news for millions of South Africans with high blood sugar: they are three times more likely to develop active tuberculosis. Read full story

SA to test Thai HIV vaccine
29 October 2014

South Africa is one step closer to testing a vaccine for HIV after a local trial of the world's only partially effective Aids jab showed it was safe to use on locals. Read full story