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The realities of epilepsy in rural South Africa
11 September 2014

According to Epilepsy South Africa, about one in every 100 people have epilepsy. In about 80% of patients, epilepsy medication will control their symptoms Read full story

WHO calls for stronger action on climate-related health risks
28 August 2014

Measures to adapt to climate change could save lives around the world by ensuring that communities are better prepared to deal with the impact of heat, extreme weather, infectious disease and food insecurity. Read full story

AHP on Kaelo Stories of Hope
26 August 2014

AHP was featured on Kaelo Stories of Hope - A South African television programme that highlights inspirational stories about South African communities. Read full story

Doctor follows his heart to South Africa
21 August 2014

“Follow your heart and if you embrace South Africa, be prepared to be embraced back.” This is the advice of UK doctor Graeme Spittal after living in the country for nearly a decade. Eight years ago he left Glasgow in Scotland, to “spread his wings and give South Africa a try”. Leaving friends and family behind his plan was to stay for one year, but life had other plans for the Paediatric Specialist who is about to become a South African citizen. Read full story