The Need


SA to test Thai HIV vaccine
29 October 2014

South Africa is one step closer to testing a vaccine for HIV after a local trial of the world's only partially effective Aids jab showed it was safe to use on locals. Read full story

MomConnect reaches 100 000 pregnant women in just two months
24 October 2014

MomConnect, the cellular phone application that assists pregnant mothers during pregnancy and child birth to ensure that every pregnancy is healthy and every newborn has the best start in life, has reached more than 100 000 pregnant women in only two months. Read full story

Better data unearths more TB cases than previously thought
23 October 2014

Better data has revealed more than half a million more tuberculosis (TB) cases than previously thought, according to a World Health Organisation (WHO) report released yesterday. Read full story

Too many moms dying
10 October 2014

Amnesty International has called for child grants to be extended to pregnant women, saying that the death of 1400 women in childbirth every year in this country is "simply unacceptable". Read full story