Donors and partners


AHP has been in operation since 2005, and has delivered consistent increases in performance, year on year. (See diagram below and the reports and statistics page for more information).

We do not work in isolation. To keep working effectively, we maintain close relationships with our network of donors and working partners.

Our main sources of funding are ongoing donations from PEPFAR, USAID, The Atlantic Philanthropies, Discovery, Anglo American, De Beers, SIDA, the CDC and several others. We also partially support ourselves through a for‐profit recruitment project Africa Professional Placements [hyperlink]. The money from these activities is used to subsidise non‐profit operations.

Our working partners include:

  • Various government health ministries: Regular meetings are held with senior officials in the national and provincial departments. Our assistance to various ministries may extend to advising on the streamlining of recruitment and registration processes, creating internal capacity by placing AHP staff within key departments and working with government on recruitment and orientation.
  • The Health Professions Council of South Africa: We share common board members with the HPCSA and two of our own staff working in the HPCSA to assist in the registration process.