The AHP model

AHP’s objective is to support and enhance healthcare systems in Africa, by finding, placing and retaining the right people for the job. This includes health professionals of all cadres, as well as management and support staff. 

We follow a strategic, two-pronged approach, building viability for local recruitment by supporting it with an intensive foreign recruitment initiative. Since our inception in 2005, we have managed to place thousands of health workers - both local and foreign - in this way. We are currently placing over 20 foreign-qualified doctors at the cost of training just a single doctor.

Partnership approach

Our approach is to work in strategic partnership with government bodies and hospital management. Our role does not end with the placement of health professionals, but also includes staff support services (such as orientation) and ongoing relationship management with placed workers.

In addition, we offer consulting services to government and hospital management, helping to improve efficiencies based on the knowledge we gained in the field. Finally, we take on an advocacy role, with the intent of working towards a future in which people view the public sector differently – as a viable, vibrant, meaningful and exciting career choice.

AHP works in strict accordance with national regulation in whatever country we operate. In South Africa, for example, we are strictly compliant with the standards set by bodies such as the HPCSA. 

Please see the download below for a case study on the work we have delivered in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa:

  • KZN Case Study (pdf)