Health Professionals

Learning opportunity

“The professional experience I have gained here has been amazing and will stand me in very good stead, particularly for a future in emergency medicine. Some of the trauma you see here, and what you have at your disposal to deal with it, is a real challenge.” (Dr Robert Melvin, UK)

For medical professionals specialising in areas like tropical medicine, HIV/Aids and trauma public facilities in southern Africa are the best training ground in the world, as you get to work hands on with such a diverse patient group, while interacting with more experienced personnel in the field. Beyond specific diseases, you may also find yourself learning techniques ranging from delivery to anaesthetics. This learning is further supported by the opportunity to participate in ongoing educational programmes hosted by the Foundation for Professional Development.

“When you work in this environment, it is rewarding as you use the experience you have gained and actually put it to good use. To be helping people who are in need is wonderful – so much more fulfilling!” (Pharmacist Ian Jordaan, South Africa)
“I wanted to actually go to a country where I could be exposed to all those health problems and also have a chance to be in a situation where I could be taught stuff by experienced doctors.” (Dr Melanie Little, Australia)

Last but not least is the opportunity for cultural learning – getting to know new people, and possibly picking up a new language. Or at the very least, learn a few key phrases such as: “Where does it hurt?” Once again, we provide a field guide to get you started with the basics. A copy of Communicating with the African Patient will be included in your orientation satchel. 

“You’re not stuck in an office all day. The work is less clinically precise, but it is also more diverse. You deal with rural diseases, car accidents and fractured jaws. You don’t see that in private practice” (Dentist Dr. Criag Inch, South Africa).