Health Professionals

Work experience

A tragic contrast exists between the cushioned, high-technology comfort of the private healthcare system, and the crowded, resource-poor environment used by the bulk of South African residents. The most crucial factor in narrowing this divide is to get a healthy complement of qualified professionals into public facilities, particularly those in the rural areas, where hospitals are desperately understaffed.

By choosing to work in a public facility, you can make a substantial difference and be part of a hospital's positive transformation into a dynamic care environment

“There's a real team atmosphere around the hospital so everyone really just pitches in and works hard, you just crack on and get on with it really. The consultants are also fantastic; they really lend a hand and work extremely hard.” (Dr Dave Barlow, UK)

The work experience offers substantial benefits to those who choose it:

  • CLINICAL EXPERIENCE: Tired of spending your days completing paperwork, seeing nothing more exciting than a new strain of flu? In a public setting, you're likely to be thrown straight into the deep end. Expect to deal with trauma, obstetrics, anaesthesia and HIV/Aids - all in a day's work!
  • WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Experience has proved that the best working environments are found in those facilities that have already been staffed by a few good people. Here, a strong sense of teamwork starts to build, where colleagues learn from each other, support one another and tend to form strong social communities too. Many of the candidates we have placed also talk about being warmly welcomed into the local communities and experience a slower, more connected approach to work and life.