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Our Process

Every step of your global health journey.

Having placed thousands of doctors since 2005, AHP has the experience and insight to take you confidently through the process, from start to finish. As soon as we know you are considering participating in a global health experience, one of our dedicated Recruitment Officers will be assigned to you to help make your journey as simple as possible.

1. Initial evaluation for suitability

AHP will confirm your eligibility to participate based on the practice requirements of various African countries and the suitability of your profile for available placements. This will include assessing: the requirements of your destination country; your qualifications, skills and experience; your financial needs; and your availability for the length of placement.

2. Select a global health experience

AHP will allocate a Recruitment Officer to you to discuss your personal global health experience needs. Once we understand exactly what you’re looking for, we can help you select the experience that will best suit your career ambitions and your budget.

3. Match to potential placements

AHP will consider your unique skills and requirements and seek to match these to the most suitable available placement. This will include ascertaining your clinical and lifestyle preferences, and then discussing potential matches to health facilities with which AHP has working partnerships.

4. Secure placement

AHP will source matching vacancies and discuss the value proposition with you. We will facilitate an introduction and interview with your chosen facility/ies. Should you be successful in your application to a facility, you will receive a letter of intention to be employed. Ask us about AHP’s funded fellowships.

5. Obtain licence and visa

Each country has a licensing board with unique requirements. AHP will ensure that you are appropriately licensed to practise. AHP will provide visa guidance to enable you to apply for the relevant visa to work in your destination country.

6. Engage and orientate

AHP will facilitate the finalisation of your employment contract and start arrangements for your arrival. We will also provide you with orientation to your new environment. This includes logistical, cultural and clinical guidance before you get here, as well as support and assistance once you arrive.

7. Work in Africa

Check out the Work in Africa page for some of the in-service and post-placement career elements of the AHP global health experience.

“Registration for foreign doctors in South Africa is an almost impossible process – basically unachievable. We would never have been able to do it without AHP. We would never have known what was demanded of us. The process is so long and complicated, we couldn’t have done it without someone in South Africa advocating on our behalf.”
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– Dr. Robyn Campbell

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