Healthcare provision is impeded by a
critical lack of health workers worldwide.

Globally, we need 7.2 million healthcare workers.
The shortage will increase to almost 13 million by 2035.
Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected –

with only 3% of the world’s health workers
but 24% of the global burden of disease.

South Africa is no different.

We don’t have enough health workers
to treat our quadruple burden of disease.

  • the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world,
  • rising burden of non-communicable disease,
  • high mother and child mortalities,
  • high levels of trauma and injuries.

84% of our people use public healthcare, served by only 30% of our doctors.

Rural communities face the worst health outcomes as most doctors choose to work in urban areas.

Yet these are not insurmountable circumstances.

Opportunities exist for doctors and other health professionals seeking a meaningful and challenging career.

AHP exists to address these inequities in healthcare provision.