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Health for Africa, Powered by People.

Placing doctors since 2005, AHP is intimately familiar with the complex regional landscape.

We know that getting the right doctors into the right facilities – matching skills and interests to local needs – can have a big impact, saving lives. That’s why we’ve created a simple-to-use platform for doctors who want to earn while helping people in a resource-poor environment.

From first query through registration, in-service and post-placement career opportunities, AHP offers an end-to-end global health experience.

Getting you here

Walking you through registration, arrival and orientation

AHP knows that doctors would rather be helping patients than wading through mounds of complicated paperwork.

We provide you with clear guidelines to the registration process and walk with you every step of the way (including arranging visas for the country you’ll be working in).

We give you access to pre-service training courses as well as culture and language orientation programmes to make your arrival as stress-free as possible.

Career momentum

Earn and grow, in-service and beyond

AHP arranges posts that earn local salaries, which means doctors get the chance to earn while gaining unparalleled global health experience. This can range from working with community health workers to making systems improvements in your hospital to mentoring local health workers, and more.

You will inevitably learn new skills and procedures in a supportive clinical environment. AHP also provides access to a range of theoretical and practical learning opportunities, many of which form part of broader qualifications and give access to further career opportunities.

Additionally, AHP will connect you to a wide and growing network of global health doctors who have all been through similar experiences.

See the world through fresh eyes

Connect to people and places

AHP’s doctors are embedded for at least a year in the communities they serve. This gives them the opportunity to encounter different cultures and gain fresh perspectives on the world.

We work hard to ensure our doctors always feel supported in their new environments, professionally as well as personally. We introduce you to a network of other doctors and facilitate ways for you to stay connected.

The region offers an abundance of things to do and places to explore – from beaches to mountains and world-famous national parks – in some of the most beautiful settings on earth.

The human factor

New hope, old challenges

Beyond the tragic headlines and postcards of glowing sunsets, Africa is a vast and complex continent. Rising human and economic potential is threatened by a number of stubborn challenges.

Among these: the twin problems of a persistent disease burden and a scarcity of doctors. In this context – where a single doctor can literally make the difference between life and death – you may find yourself connecting deeply with the reason you chose this profession in the first place.

“When you go for interviews for future jobs back home, having worked to improve your hospital counts enormously, especially if you’ve managed to go to a conference to present your work. There’s plenty of opportunity to do that [on an AHP placement]. Since there’s often so much room for improvement in small hospitals, it’s relatively easy to do something that has a major effect on patient care.”
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– Dr Mike McGovern

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