AHP's Recruitment and Retention Model

AHP has successfully developed a healthcare recruitment and retention model for facilities based on years of expertise in rural and public health.

This cycle is the way in which AHP strives to aid public healthcare facilities to become self-sustaining which directly translates into improved healthcare delivery and access in rural South Africa.

The model, which is already delivering sustainable change in healthcare facilities, combines long-term thinking with short-term pragmatism.

It promotes the recruitment and retention of foreign-qualified skills to address immediate HR needs while attracting and retaining local skills which are drawn to under-resourced hospitals once teams of foreign-qualified healthcare workers are in place.

Once a facility has a large enough clinical team, management is able to move out of crisis-management mode and can focus on promoting the improved capacity and more attractive work offering of the hospital to maintain its clinical team.

 Foreign-qualified doctor contingent
 Local healthcare workers
 Community service and junior doctors

1. Ensure effective management: Without effective management, recruitment and retention for any facility will ultimately prove to be a failure. 

2. Recruit a contingent of foreign-qualified skills: Foreign-qualified skills from developed nations are willing to work in rural settings on one to three year contracts. Such teams can form the core of longer-term sustainable clinical teams.

3. Recruit local health workers: In rural areas, professional and personal isolation, as well as burnout, are major factors inhibiting the development of clinical teams. Local health workers can be attracted and retained if there is a contingent of foreign-qualified health workers to work with them.

4. Attract junior doctors and trainees: Junior doctors and registrars can be effectively recruited and retained with a team to support and supervise them.

5. Bring facility to self-sustainability: Once a facility has a large enough team, management can focus on using its improved capacity and more attractive work offering to maintain its clinical team.