AHP Services


AHP’s wealth of knowledge and experience in providing Human Resources for Health solutions and services enables the organisation to gather relevant data from a wide range of sources and translate this information into best practice models which are used to improve current public healthcare policy and systems.

Data gathering is enhanced through regular research conducted by AHP into issues which affect the retention of healthcare workers in the public health sector.

Since 2009, AHP has conducted an annual survey of community service doctors and dentists to assess the primary goals of the programme relating to geographic distribution, professional development and retention.

Longitudinal analysis has been compiled and valuable governance and strategic insights have been gained. These findings are used to help inform the Department of Health's Community Service Officer (CSO) allocation process, improve university rural healthcare curricula and encourage increased distribution of CSOs to rural healthcare facilities.

AHP also partners a culture strategy consultancy to deliver integrated talent management solutions to public and philanthropic clients. The basis of AHP’s approach is to improve performance and produce results by codifying institutional culture in a measurable way, and then embedding this in recruitment, onboarding and performance management systems.

Management and their teams are integrally involved in the process of discovering institutional culture. In addition, all staff are socialised into integrated talent management systems and capacity to performance manage and lead through culture is built. This approach is applied across major multi‐national corporations as much as in government institutions ─ bringing global best practice to public service.